The Best VPN Services for Kodi

Kodi is a great little program that allows you to stream just about anything or any device. The platform (as you will see below) is open source and can be altered and coded by anyone with the technical knowledge. In today’s topic, we will be looking at the 5 best VPNs for Kodi, why you should be using a VPN when watching on Kodi and why it’s important. Admittedly, there is some question over whether you really need a VPN for Kodi but at here, as Private VPN Service, we think it is better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want your ISP seeing is a torrented movie being streamed on your TV.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is one of the best ways to stream content on any compatible device and is becoming incredibly popular. The program is open source (meaning it can work with pretty much any device) and is developed by Xbox because that was the system it was originally designed for. Fortunately, the program has become free to use by anyone who is able to download it and it is a great way to stream on just about any device.

The main benefit to using this software is that it can be switched and changed using add-ons to stream and display just about anything, including copyrighted and torrented movies (if that is what you want to do). The most native of the devices that can house Kodi include Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and Linux, but you can even get it on Apple TV and Google Nexus. With third-party applications and with a little bit of coding, anything is possible with this little program.

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The 5 Best VPN Services for Kodi



The Good:
  • Fantastic connection speeds
  • Strong encryption
  • Easy to use client
  • Multiple locations to choose from
The Bad:
  • Keeps some connection logs
  • A little expensive

ExpressVPN has always shone brightly at the top of the lists on this site and for a good reason – it is one of the best services that money can buy. The network has a ton of features and is a great all-rounder with fantastic speeds and security. ExpressVPN is truly premium service and has hundreds (if not thousands) of servers in 87 different countries and even has servers that allow you to unblock and watch Netflix, which is something of a rarity in this day and age.

They are based in the British Virgin Islands and have fantastic speeds making them an excellent choice for streaming content from Kodi onto your devices. If you are concerned about privacy and security, they encrypt all of their tunnels with OpenVPN security and they do not keep any logs, calming the minds of the more insecure users. You can try this VPN for 30-days risk-free because of their truly no-nonsense refund policy. This VPN is highly recommended for Kodi use.

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Buffered VPN

The Good:
  • Very fast network
  • Good security (256-bit)
  • Handy, tidy clients
  • P2P friendly and allows for Netflix
The Bad:
  • Quite expensive

The name of this VPN speaks for itself. This network is one of the best networks for speed and streaming and I personally feel it is forgotten quite a bit in the industry, being overshadowed by services like ExpressVPN and IPVanish. The service is very fast which makes it a viable options if you are looking to stream on Kodi and they are fairly widespread, having servers in 39 different countries.

If you are looking for other streaming methods aside from Kodi, this VPN is also able to unblock Netflix and give you access to the hundreds of available content on the US version of the system. They also allow for P2P activity and have clean, tidy clients with plenty of options. The only real issue is that this VPN is a little expensive, especially when there are better options like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

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The Good:
  • Lighting fast speeds
  • Reliable and secure
  • Snazzy client and useable on any device
The Bad:
  • Based in the US
  •  Support is a little Poor

IPVanish has also been a VPN service that has been in the frontrunners and this is probably because of its solid safety, privacy, and speeds. The VPN service is a bit of an all-rounder and often competes with ExpressVPN for the top spot. In terms of their streaming quality and speeds, they are lighting fast and this is thanks to their tier 1 network that delivers excellent connections. They also offer some great features in terms of security and reliability, including a military grade 256-bit OpenVPN encryption that will scramble the traffic from ISP and let you stream illegal content to your devices using Kodi.

Their client is also very simple and is the same no matter what device you decide to run the Kodi software on. The only issue with this VPN service is that it has poor support (not 24/7) and is also based in the US. For the more paranoid users, this is a big no-no due to the surveillance of the NSA. However, despite some of the privacy flaws, it’s an overall great system to use.

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The Good:
  • Amazing speeds
  • Gigantic server reach
  • Great customer service
  • Great extras (like Chameleon)
The Bad:
  • Does not allow for P2P
  • Is a little pricey

Vypr is another one of my personal favorites when it comes to general VPN services and this is because it is a great service with good speeds, a wide range of servers and superb additional features like Chameleon. One of the huge aspects that play a part in Vypr’s streaming capabilities that the company is owned by a US conglomerate, leading to 700+ servers in 50+ countries. IN addition to their reach, they own all of their servers and network, which is responsible for their unbeatable speeds and stream quality. Vypr also has a tough encryption, offering an OpenVPN encryption with military level specs.

They also offer fantastic customer support if you happen to find yourself in a little bit of trouble, which is great if you’re a beginner. The other few issues that place Vypr lower in this list are the fact that they do not aloe for P2P activity and they’re a little bit expensive, putting off the more casual users.

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The Good:
  • Has a lot of server options
  • Superb for safety and privacy
  • Lots of different features and add-ons
  • Dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting
The Bad:
  • Poor support
  • Has some IPv6 leaks

As I always state on this website, NordVPN is a hidden gem and is one of my favorites. This VPN is all about security and privacy and they offer a ton of features to make sure you are safe on the internet and are not getting spied on by ISPs and traffic interceptors. As well as security and privacy, the VPN network, in general, has a whole host of different servers that are suited for different things, including both torrenting and streaming – two things that are perfect for Kodi use.

They are hundreds of servers in 58 different countries and, through using their streaming servers, you can get some great speeds when using Kodi. They have also recently updated their client and it is looking very tidy and is easy to navigate whilst having plenty of options. As already mentioned, they allow for P2P so torrenting and illegal movie downloads should not be a problem. This is another highly recommended VPN service for Kodi.

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Do you need a VPN for Kodi?

The idea that a VPN should be used for Kodi has been debated for a long time and, as a conclusion, it has been found that you do not necessarily need a VPN network for Kodi, but it is recommended. The issue with using Kodi without a VPN is that your ISP will be able to see all the movies, streams and traffic going to the program and if they notice any illegal content you may have your internet shutdown.

An added bonus to having a VPN service for Kodi is that you have geographically spoof your location and access restricted content in other countries, like the US. This is even more beneficial if you live in a restrictive country with harsh content laws, like China. A VPN system will be able to bypass the filters and give you streaming capabilities similar to other locations, which is handy.

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Are Free VPNs a Possibility?

There are plenty of free VPN services available to users and they are great for individuals who do not want to spend a lot of money on internet security/privacy. This is usually the case for individuals who want to use VPN services for one purpose, like streaming.

The issue, however, with free VPN services is that they limit the bandwidth you are allowed and they also restrict your access to some foreign servers, limiting your geographical spoofing abilities. This is a pain if you are someone who wants to access Netflix as well as Kodi content.

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What to Consider When you’re deciding on a VPN

When you are new to the world of VPNs you are probably going to follow the crowd and get the first one you see. However, any two premium VPN services are not alike and you need to really investigate the individual services in-depth. You can always check out our individual reviews if you are unsure. As for VPN services in reference to streaming, you are going to want something that will not slow your connection and buffer your movies.

The one issue with VPN services is that they will slow down your connection, but some slow it down more than other. Some VPN services are great when it comes to streaming and speed will be the primary component listed in the recommended VPN services above. As well as speed and download speed, you are going to want a service with a widespread network and good security if you plan on watching illegal content – this includes logs and torrenting allowances. Without further ado, below are our top picks if you are looking for a VPN service that works well with Kodi.

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Kodi is a great way to stream content to just about any device and with certain third-party applications you can also stream illegal movies. Although VPN services are recommended when you are using Kodi they are not really necessary. They simply help when it comes to hiding your IP address and traffic from your nosy ISP, which is important if you are streaming illegally.

A VPN will need to be quick and speedy so your streamed content doesn’t need to buffer and the above VPN services should do the trick. Read the individual reviews for these VPN services to get more of a feel and, hopefully, you find one that suits your streaming and online needs.


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