The 5 Best VPN Services for Netflix – Top 5 Netflix VPNs

Netflix block by ISPA VPN is a virtual private network and it allows you to hide your IP address and bypass geographical location, allowing you to surf the web in complete anonymity and privacy, even from your ISP and Government agencies. This is achieved through tunneling your entire internet connection and all of your applications through another remote server in another connection. In essence, it is very similar to a proxy but with the exception that the tunnels that your connection passes through are heavily encrypted.

This encryption is usually military grade and it stops hacks and other malicious individuals from spying on your traffic or from making an attempt to intercept your traffic (especially on public Wi-Fi) and plug a virus into your system. VPN services offer a range of different security protocols and encryptions for you to use and they also offer a range of locations to choose from. This Post will introduce use 5 the Best VPN services to Unblock Netflix when you outside of US.

The bonus of using a VPN is that they can also unblock certain content filters and different sites that your country may not have access too. This is true for individuals living in places such as China, where the privacy and content laws are very strict, so much so that there is a specially designed firewall to stop Chinese individuals from accessing social media sites and other content sites such as Netflix and YouTube.

Through a VPN, it is possible to work around these content filters and bypass them in order to access restricted content available in another country. Netflix is just one example of a site that individuals access via a VPN because Netflix restricts its content depending on the country you live in.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a billion dollar company which specializes in the streaming of movies. The company originally started up around 2006 and used to sell and rent movies similar to how Blockbuster used to do it. However, Netflix had other ideas and then they began posting out rental DVDs and soon they bought into the streaming scene. The rise of Netflix resulted in Blockbuster closing down and going out of business, and from there Netflix took off and began focusing on the streaming aspect of their system. This also helped with the current issue with piracy.

Netflix - watch TV and movies anytime anywhere

Netflix offered users the option to pay a monthly charge for unlimited access to thousands of movies that they could stream anytime they wanted. These movies and videos were high quality and provided an alternative to streaming them illegally through third party systems. The company is great and has provided a lot of value to individuals who love movies and love to watch them from the comfort over their own home.

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The Issues with Netflix

As briefly mentioned above, Netflix is a content site which people try to access from different countries using a VPN which is present in the US. The reasons why are because Netflix tends to restrict content to just the US and, as a result, other countries do not have a lot of movies/programs to watch and choose from.

Netflix not in US

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VPNs and Netflix

As mentioned already, Netflix is normally protected and restricted from the access of individuals outside of the US and some see this as unfair. This means that if you live outside of the US, you receive less content and fewer movies. Some have sought to use a VPN to unblock Netflix and for the most part, it works.
5 Best vpn for NetflixHowever, Netflix is on the ball about the ability of VPNs and has a number of procedures that have made it very difficult for VPN services and users to access their network. This is because Netflix can see where the connections are coming from and if they notice that a large number of connections are being made from one particular IP address, they will shut it down. When thousands of connections are being made from one server, it screams signs of VPN networks and as a result, many VPN services have failed to penetrate the Netflix firewall.

However, there is still a range of services that have access to the system and, although they still have issues on a regular basis, they are persistent at making sure you can watch Netflix from a range of different countries.

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How to Use VPN for US Netflix Streaming Outside of the US

Here is a easy guiding on use Infographics by ExpressVPN.
Step to use VPN watch Netflix streaming


Top 5 Best VPNs for Accessing Netflix

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ExpressVPN for watching Netflix

The Good:
  • Hundreds of servers in 94+different countries
  • Allows for US Netflix watching
  • Solid encryption
  • Great Speeds
  • Allows for multiple connections
The Bad:
  • A little expensive

ExpressVPN has always been a frontrunner in the VPN world and there is no exception with Netflix access. ExpressVPN is an amazing service and they offer a wide range of servers and features for their users to enjoy. As for the reach, ExpressVPN has hundreds of servers in 85 different countries, giving their users plenty of choices. Additionally, this range also means that users will suffer less from connection issues and this is true as ExpressVPN has wicked fast speeds, which are perfect for streaming high-quality videos on Netflix.

They are able to unblock Netflix as they have a shared IP in American Samoa, giving users access to 95% of all of the Netflix content and American content. In terms of encryption and safety, ExpressVPN runs a tight ship and has OpenVPN protocols with a kill switch and DNS leak prevention, preventing you from being hacked on public Wi-Fi.

why use expressvpn for US Netflix

ExpressVPN also has the ability to be connected to 3 devices at once and has multi-compatibility, meaning you can stream from your mobile devices anywhere in the world. With all these features combined, ExpressVPN is the best network to unblock Netflix. For more detail about the their service, I suggest you can read ours review about ExpressVPN.


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Buffered vpn for bypass Netflix

The Good:
  • Well-known for its great speeds
  • Tough military encryption
  • Has dedicate servers
  • Access Netflix outside US
  • Allows P2P
The Bad:
  • Keeps some logs

Buffered is a great service to unblock Netflix with and is well-known for its great speeds and connections. This enables users to experience the Netflix streaming without any delays or buffering. There are a range of other features with the VPN service including DNS leak prevention and a kill switch which protects you if your VPN connection goes down. The VPN service also brings something unique to the table which is called port detection. This lets users access public Wi-Fi without the need of a password and protects users from malicious individuals who may want to intercept their network and install a virus.

There is also a layer of protection from the OpenVPN protocol which the currently the best protocol to use when surfing the internet using a VPN. Through a dedicated service, Buffered is excellent at providing Netflix unblocking abilities.


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VyprVPN for surfing Netflix

The Good:
  • Hundreds of servers in 70 countries
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Free trial
The Bad:
  • Some connection logs are kept

VyprVPN is a personal favorite of mine and it has a bundle of features and servers that make it an excellent service to unblock Netflix with. VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog which is one of the biggest internet companies in the world and because of that, it has a massive amount of servers to choose from when connecting to Netflix. The servers are located in 70+ different countries and give plenty of options when unblocking Netflix. Not to mention that their speeds are very fast and they are based in Switzerland, meaning that their network is reliable and is not prone to the common log keeping laws that the US is present too. However, there are some exceptions to this and some connection logs are kept for 30 days. The service runs with an OpenVPN protocols with military encryptions and has a 3-day free trial letting to take the VPN for a spin before you purchase it. Without a doubt, this is an excellent VPN service to unblock Netflix with.


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Private VPN

Private VPN to Unblock Netflix

The Good:
  • Servers in 29 different countries
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Fast speeds
  • No logs
  • Solid Encryption
The Bad:
  • No DNS leak prevention

PrivateVPN is another amazing service which allows you to unblock the US Netflix servers and gain access to thousands of restricted content and videos that are not allowed in other countries. PrivateVPN has a large range of servers in over 29 different countries and many of these servers are all over the US, giving you plenty of options when connecting to Netflix.

Not to mentioned that it has incredibly fast connection speeds, making it great for streaming, and is multi-compatible with all of your mobile devices and allows you to connect to a maximum of 6, which is huge compared to ExpressVPN. This allows you to stream from your phone, iPad or laptop. In terms of security, they offer the well praised OpenVPN protocols and have a zero logs policy meaning that nobody will be able to see that you have accessed Netflix through your activity logs. With a 7-day money back guarantee, we urge you to try this service out.


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VPNArea - Bypass restriction on Netflix

The Good:
  • Has hundreds of servers in 50+ countries
  • Allows for 5 connections to multiple devices
  • Allows P2P
  • Bypassrestriction on Netflix
  • Money-back guarantee
The Bad:
  • A new firm and prone to problems


VPNArea is a younger VPN service but is quickly climbing the ranks with its wide reach and excellent service speeds. VPNArea has a number of servers in over 5 different countries giving the user plenty of options to unblock Netflix. Their servers are incredibly fast and they even give you their option to have a dedicated server, which is the best way to unblock Netflix. The VPN service runs a tight ship with OpenVPN protocols and security, which stop you getting intercepted from hackers and ISPs. They also feature a DNS leak prevention and a kill switch to prevent you being exposed if your connection goes down. With a 7-day money back guarantee, it is a great option when going into 2017.



Netflix is a tough cookie to crack but with the proper VPN services, it can be done relatively easily. There are a number of servers that give you access to specific US servers, allowing you to access the full range of movies and content available on the US Netflix accounts. The above five services allow you to connect to Netflix, but you do not have to connect to US servers to get access to more Netflix content. Many other countries allow individuals to access more restricted content and through these servers, you can obtain more content. Hopefully, this article help you out with your streaming.

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