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VPNArea is a Young company with over 200 servers, AES-256 encryption, zero logs and a 7-day money back guarantee. Try this VPN risk-free!

VPNArea (Area) is a virtual private network that allows you to stay anonymous on the web and gives you security from ISP, Governments and hackers who try an intercept you traffic through public Wi-Fi. This is accomplished through VPNArea’s ability to hide your IP address and geographical location. VPNArea has a massive coverage and has servers in 60+ countries and has 1 server for every 250 customers.

Features of VPNarea

These servers are also in some common and also some really uncommon places like South Africa, which add a unique advantage to VPNArea’s network and allows for truly global coverage, so you should be able to connect to a server near you with ease. In addition, VPNArea also offers some other nice features, like a dedicated IP with your own VPN server, tough security, no logs, multi-device compatibility, a 7-day money back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. All features will be disclosed throughout the review.

  • Global server coverage – 200+ servers in 68 countries
  • DNS Leak Protection and Anti IPv6 & WebRTC
  • Tough security upto 256 bits AES encryption
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Free dedicated IP add-on on 6-12 months plan
  • Good speeds Torrents & Popcorn
  • Auto IP Changer
  • No log policy
  • No 24/7 support
  • Client was a little ugly
  • Website is confusing and outdated

Pricing and Packages

VPNArea’s price plans start at a fairly reasonable $4.92 a month, which is pretty standard for the industry at the moment. As always, pricing and packages are always an important factor with VPN services, as price is usually the factor that determines the final purchase decision, so if a VPN has a high price it should be offering premium features. An interesting aspect of Area’s VPN plans is that they do not discriminate between the price plans (with the exception of a dedicated IP), meaning that you will always receive the same features no matter what plan you choose, whether it be monthly or yearly. Furthermore, just like almost every VPN service, the more committed you are to Area’s VPN service, the cheaper you get the software. VPNArea offers three plans that vary in length: a monthly plan, a bi-annual plan and an annual plan.

vpnarea price plan

Their cheapest plan is the annual plan and that starts of at a relatively cheap price of $4.92 a month. Of course, as you commit less to their service, the more expensive the software gets. The second plan is a little more expensive and comes in at a pricy $8.33 for 6 months of the VPN, with the monthly plan being an expensive $9.90. However, no matter what plan you choose, the features will still be the same.


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Payment Options

Any good VPN service should offer a range of payment options and should give their customers are range of choice. A VPN’s duty and primary purpose is to keep you safe and private on the internet, so giving you the option to pay with security and privacy guaranteed should be an obligation. VPNArea offers an impressive range of payment gateways for its users to use, including all major credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as one of the safest ways on the internet – PayPal. PayPal is a third-party application that gives its users great security when purchasing goods on the internet, as it allows for user dedicated refunds and scam protection. VPNArea also offers a number of alternative ways such as Webmoney and Payza.

Payment Options

In addition, a nice thing to see is that VPNArea allows users to pay through Bitcoin, which is one of the safety and most anonymous ways to pay on the internet. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and doesn’t require any personal information meaning the payment are untraceable. Overall, VPNArea offers an impressive selection.


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Setup VPNArea Client

Setting up and downloading VPNArea was easy and took under 5 minutes to complete the installation. Once you have successfully paid for the software you will be directed to a members page where you can download the software for your system of choice.

For Windows http://vpnarea.com/VPNAreaChameleon.exe
For Mac http://vpnarea.com/ChameleonMac2.dmg

There were plenty of options to choose from but I chose Windows as that is what I have my computer running. The member’s page also gives you the servers that you can use for Netflix, which is nice.

Once you have selected the system you want to install the VPN too, a simple yet detailed tutorial will be given to you which will help you with the download and installation process, and it is easy to follow. A nice to thing to note is that I didn’t need to restart my computer after installation, which saves time. Once everything is completed, you will have to open the application and you’ll be greeted with the client, which requires you to login with your membership credentials before you can connect. Once all that is complete, you are good to go!

Step VPNArea Chameleon software

The client is decent and fairly simple, but I personally felt it was a little basic and was actually quite ugly. Many other clients that I have used are clean and slick, and often look very advanced. VPNArea’s client was bulky and had a lot going on all at once. Nonetheless, the client was ok. The home screen allows to connect and disconnect from your server of choice and you can change servers easily with the drop down box. If you click on the “servers and speed” tab you will have a better view of the serves and can change your security to either UDP or TCP, with UDP being the better option of course. This screen also had a cool feature which allowed you to do a speed and download test, however this didn’t work for me which was quite disappointing.

The various other tabs allowed me to control my kill switch options, DNS and IPv6 leak preventions and I also had the option to turn on an automatic IP switcher which was a nice addition. Overall, the Window client was good but nothing to be boasted about.

The mobile client was almost identical to the Windows client but had an additional option to connect using OpenVPN which is rare.

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Server Locations

As mentioned previously, VPNArea has a massive coverage and has hundreds of servers in over 60 different countries, with its server base growing constantly. Area’s servers are also based in some weird and rare locations such as South Africa which mean that no matter where you are, you should have the option to connect to a server that is close to you and one that will give you the best speeds.

VPN Area server locations


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Server Speed

Area’s speeds were actually very good for Europe and my connection rarely dropped with speeds being a consistent 30MPBS, making it perfect for streaming and watching Netflix. However, the US servers were fairly slow and were not as consistent as the European servers which was a little disappointing. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the clients speed test and download test function didn’t work for me so I was unable to test it out.

On a separate note, VPNArea offers dedicated servers for Netflix streaming in both the UK and US, which is great for content bypassing, and they also offer the option for individuals to have their own dedicated IP address and VPN, which is awesome if you want to host a gaming server. Furthermore, no DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks were detected which indicates a strong system. However, when it comes to P2P and torrenting, VPNArea only have a few options and prefer if you do not use their network for downloading copyrighted material.

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VPNArea offers a range of VPN downloads for many different devices including both IOS and Android, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux and various routers. In addition, they also offer an impressive 6 simultaneous connections and allow you to share your account with your friends and family, which is rare.

VPN Area Compatibility

The ability to protect all your devices is a must with a VPN network, as we are using our mobile devices more and more for internet searching, and a VPN service needs to offer protection for all sorts of devices in order to be considered decent. The website also offers a range of tutorials and setup guides for all installations so installation is relatively easy.


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Customer Support

vpnarea live chatUnfortunately and surprisingly VPNArea does not offer 24/7 customer support unlike every other VPN service I have reviewed, which is very disappointing. However, they still offer live chat and a range of FAQs on their website which should be able to answer any questions you have about the system. If you have a pressing question is can sometimes be better to email them directly or contact them via skype.

Their live chat option is not always serviced so you can expect to receive a response from their direct email service within the day, which is fairly speedy. One note to make is that their FAQ is incredibly out of date and in some cases their FAQ contradicts what they’re saying elsewhere on the site. However, if you dig deep enough you should be able to find an answer to your question. In addition, they also have social media pages and take questions from there.


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Privacy and Security

One of the most important aspects of any VPN service is whether it protects you on the internet and actually gives you the privacy it promises. As mentioned above, VPNArea offers some good security and is based in Switzerland which means it is not subject to any data retention laws, which means VPNArea has a strict no logs policy. However, take this with a grain of salt as it is unclear how VPNArea is affected by the Swiss laws on data retention and this appears to be a grey area.

vpnarea - no logs policy

Nonetheless, VPNArea offers a range of security protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. OpenVPN is the best option out of all of these and it is recommended that you use it, especially instead of PPTP as this has been seen to have many issues. VPNArea encrypts its OpenVPN with a tough 256-bit military encryption and uses various protocols for handshaking and data authentication. Using L2TP is just as good and offers better speeds, so for individuals who prefer speed over safety, use L2TP. VPNArea also has some built in systems that prevent leaks on the Windows system and also systems that prevent DNS and IPv6 leaks!


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Free Trial and Refund Policy

Unfortunately I was unable to find a free trial for VPNArea, which was disappointing because free trials offer a unique selling point for VPN and often lead in a purchase anyway. Despite this, there is a 7-day money back guarantee that allows users to claim back their money if they are unsatisfied with the service.


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VPNArea is a good VPN service and is one you should definitely look into. The service has a global server coverage that allows you to connect to and from just about anywhere in the world. In addition, their plans are fairly reasonable and they offer a range of payment options that give their customers privacy when purchasing.

In addition, they have great security and encrypt servers with 256-bit encryption, with various protocol options. Their speeds are fantastic through Europe but drop when connecting to the US. The issues with Area are that they do not offer 24/7 support, their website is confusing and outdated, they aren’t too keen on P2P and torrenting, and their client is a little basic. However, VPNArea is still pretty good and I recommend you check it out.

9.5 Total Score
In-depth & Unbiased VPNArea Review

VPNArea is a newer VPN service and has over 200 servers in 68 countries. They also feature a tough AES-256 encryption, zero logs and a money back guarantee. They also allow P2P on their network and offer a free dedicated IP with the 6 month and annual plans.

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